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A quick run-down of how to get started in Dabble.

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Welcome to Dabble! Let us walk you through the first few steps to get you writing your first (or next) book!

Once you've created an account, you will login and find your home screen.

Home Screen

This is where all your Projects are listed. Click the Plus (+) to create a new project (your future book!). They stack in order, left to right, of the most recently opened project, to your oldest project.

Project Screen

Once you open a project, you land on the project screen with a left-hand nav menu for getting around within your project, and a contextual right-hand nav menu with additional helpful features such as goals. In the middle you’ll see your content.

All the Views

Each item in the Left-hand Nav Menu has a unique View. A View displays your project data. Folder-like items usually display everything underneath them, such as a Chapter displaying all its Scenes, or the Manuscript providing a birds-eye view of every element in your story. Go ahead and check a few of these Views out.

  • Click on the Manuscript View, to see each card representing Scenes with Chapter dividers between them.

  • Click on the Book View to see your entire book, page after page.

  • Click on the Chapter View to see just that one chapter with its Scenes.

Actually Writing

You made it! You’re here! Your book is a blank slate. Writing in Dabble is the easiest part. Simply place your cursor on the screen, and write* sweet, sweet stories until you reach “The End." Ta-da your novel is finished!

* {Once you start writing, the screen will automatically auto-fade into a focus mode.}

Now you know the basics to get started in Dabble.

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