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The Right-Hand Nav Menu
The Right-Hand Nav Menu

Understanding the right-hand navigation menu.

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Right-hand Nav Menu

It might look a little sparse, but there’s a lot going on behind this curtain.

  • Goals & Stats: See the little gear next to Goals & Stats? Click to manage your goals. Set your word count source, word count goal, a deadline, and which days you want off.

  • Project Stats (Bar Graph): Your word count for the last 30 days you worked on your novel. Click the chart label ["LAST 30 DAYS (THIS PROJECT)" OR "LAST 30 DAYS (ALL PROJECTS)"] to see your progress. You can toggle between "this project" or "all projects.

  • Scene Notes: Your Scene’s Note Card displays here along with any of the Scene’s Plot Points. Read about how to add Plot Points to your Scene here.

To the right of the top nav bar, are the Account and Help drop-down menus.

  • Account Menu (the one with your name): Your account settings.

  • Preferences: switch to dark mode or turn off auto-fade.

  • Profile: update your name, email, and password.

  • Billing: manage your payment and subscription.

  • Manage Data: view how much data Dabble is taking on your computer and how much you have available, as well as exporting your project data.

  • Help: Seek help with Dabble.

  • Visit the Dabble Community to find support from other writers, or to generally have a good time.

  • Request a feature from the Creator himself. Psst! Many user requests are already in the works.

  • Chat with support, a real live person will typically answer quickly during US Mountain Time business hours.

  • Visit the Help Center to read super helpful How-To articles like this one. Congrats, you already knew where to go, we’re so proud!

Stylistic Simplicity

Since Dabble is a writing tool for the modern age, you might not see some familiar features. Especially if you’re a child of the last century.

Where’s the save button?

Because Dabble is a cloud-based platform, you never have to save. It automatically saves as you write. Access your manuscript from any computer with your Dabble log in. Offline or online, you can write anywhere. It’s all backed up in the cloud so never fear a lost manuscript due to a computer crash.

To see the status of your save, click on the cloud icon in the top nav menu. Here, you get more info about the various states your cloud sync is in. A check mark means you’re all saved.

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