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How Dabble helps you focus on your story.

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Dabble helps you focus on your story. By providing default book formatting and removing distractions, Dabble puts everything but your words out of mind.

Dabble’s focus features are automatic. You don’t need to enter a special “focus mode” hidden in some menu. You just write, and they just work.


Dabble will fade out the non-essentials slowly as you write, allowing you to focus on the writing itself. This is automatic and does not require you to do anything.

If need a break from auto-fade, you can turn it off in Preferences by clicking on Account (your name) -> Preferences at the top right and turning off auto-fade.

Typewriter Scrolling

Typewriter scrolling moves the page up (rather than your cursor down) as you type. You no longer need to scroll the page up manually as you type down towards the bottom of the page. This is more ergonomic as well since your neck doesn't have to crane down as you write pages of beautiful prose.

Typewriter scrolling is automatic. Scroll page to where you want the cursor to be (and stay) and start writing.

Default Formatting

Dabble comes built-in with formatting defaults perfect for your novel. The manuscript is formatted to feel like a book. Paragraphs are double-spaced with no margins and the first line indented. Story notes are formatted like a wiki for easier organization with no indents and margins between paragraphs.

Get straight to writing without needing to spend all your time just getting the project set up.

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