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The Left-Hand Nav Menu
The Left-Hand Nav Menu

Understanding the left-hand navigation menu.

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The Left-Hand Nav Menu

Before you start writing, it helps to understand the world in which you will create. Dabble’s world, the interface, is governed by the left-hand nav menu. Each element in the menu is like a folder or a file, just like File Explorer in Windows computers and Finder in Mac computers.

The main folders are:

  • Manuscript (your actual book)

  • Plot (the chart where you Plot Lines reside)

  • Story Notes (a place to tidy your mass of creative genius energy, or just put boring ol’ regular notes).

  • Pro Tip: The downward facing arrows collapse each folder, for a tidy work space.

The Plus

The Plus is where all new elements are created.

To properly place your bundles of joy (aka new Chapters or Notes) make sure you have the right element selected by clicking on them. Select elements such as a Chapter or Scene to add a new element right below it. Or select the Manuscript or Book View to add a new Chapter or Scene to the very end of your book.

Below, we clicked and selected Chapter 1 before we clicked The Plus, because we’re about to add a Chapter 2. If you had 10 Chapters and wanted to add another, but your Chapter 5 was selected, your new Chapter will end up as Chapter 6 instead of Chapter 11. Whoops! Easy to drag and drop however, if you do misplace any element.

Pro Tip: You can also hover over, and click the three dots of the Book, Part, Chapter or Scene elements to add a new Part, Chapter, Scene, or Scene Note.

Organized Elements

Some of Dabble’s folders can hold any story element and some can only hold certain types. For example, a Chapter can only hold Scenes, while a Story Note folder can hold a Chapter or Scene or anything else. . If you’re really stuck on a Chapter, drag-and-drop it to Story Notes where you can workshop it better. Here’s a breakdown of who can hold what:

  • Manuscript: Books

  • Book: Parts, Chapters

  • Part: Chapters

  • Chapter: Scenes

  • Plot: Plot Grids, Plot Lines

  • Plot Grid: Plot Lines

  • Story Notes, Folders, Trash: Any element

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