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How you can rearrange the elements of your story using drag and drop.

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Dabble helps you organize your story by rearranging story elements using drag and drop.

Moving items in the left-hand menu

You can rearrange your chapters, scenes, and story notes by dragging them from one location in your project to another in the left-hand menu.

To move a segment of a book, simply drag and drop it where you want it to go by clicking on the item, dragging it to a new location, and releasing the mouse button.

Note: because Dabble auto-numbers your chapters based on their order, the above example moves chapter 3 to 4, but the name changes from "Chapter 3" to "Chapter 4" so it may appear as though it did not move, but you can see the scene moved with it.

Allowed operations

Dabble’s drag and drop respects the allowed organization within a novel. You will not be able to drop a chapter within another chapter, or a book inside a part.

Story Notes can hold anything

The folders within your Story Notes can hold anything, so if you want to cut a scene or chapter from your manuscript, you can place it into a “Scrappings” folder within your Story Notes.

Moving cards in the plot grid

The plot grid is another area where drag and drop is used. You can drag plot points to any empty cell within a plot line. You can even create a new plot line by dragging a plot point to a cell where there is no plot line.

Rearrange scenes in your manuscript by dragging them from one location in your plot grid to another within the left-most column. You will not be able to move a scene into a plot line because only plot points are allowed to exist within plot lines.

Moving items in the manuscript view

The manuscript view allows you to move scenes around within your manuscript. You may also move chapters and parts without moving the scenes within them. This can be easier if you want to move your chapter break to another point in your story without moving the scenes.

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