Using the Right Toolbar

The Right Toolbar gives you control over your manuscript view and quick access to important information.

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Goals and Stats

The first button shows your word count goals and statistics in the Right Pane. You will see how much you have written, how much you have left, and your daily progress. You can click the gear symbol to change your goal settings.

Within Goal Settings, you can choose which project will be the source for your word count goal, set your goal, exclude words that you have already written, and choose a deadline.

In the “Days Off” tab, you can select any days that you would like to take off from writing. Those days will not be included when your daily writing goal is calculated.


Selecting the Notes Button will display your story notes in the Right Pane for quick reference while you are writing. Click on any note you want to see. This will pull up the full notecard. While in this view you can edit the note right on top of your manuscript.

Comment History

Click the third button to get a full list of comments. Here you can view, resolve, edit and delete any comments that are in the current chapter.

NOTE: To create comments, highlight the text that you would like to comment on, then select the comment button from the Pop-up Menu. Learn more here.

Hide Comments

Need to focus on writing? You can easily get those comments out of the way by clicking the “Hide Comments” Button. Then click it again, and they are right back where you left them.

Toggle Features

Sticky notes can sometimes get in the way. From the Toggle Features Menu, you can hide and unhide sticky notes. (Now if only I had this button for my sticky note-covered desk.)

One of the best ways to ignore your internal editor is to ignore your grammar and spelling suggestions. From the Toggle Features Menu, you can turn on and off spell checking as well as style and grammar suggestions.

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