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How to use the Pop-Up Menu

Using the Pop-Up Menu for editing and markup.

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The Pop-Up Menu is accessed from the Project Screen and offers a few tools to help organize your writing and highlight your text.

When you highlight a portion of text, the menu will automatically appear like this:

Bold Text

The first button allows you to bold text within your document. Highlight the portion of text you’d like to bold and then click the ‘B’ to apply the change.

Italicize Text

The second button allows you to italicize a portion of text. Similar to bolding, simply highlight the word or words you’d like to change and click the ‘I’ to implement it.

Quote Text

The third button will allow you to create a portion of quoted text within your document. Highlight the portion you’d like to use and click the quotation button. This will then center and italicize your text with one click. If you click the button a second time, it will change to a blockquote. In this case, it will apply to change to the entire paragraph of text rather than just the highlighted portion.


Use the fourth button to create a strikethrough line across any text you’d like. Highlight the portion you’d like to cross out and click the icon to apply the change.


If you’d like to highlight text, click on the desired portion and then the fifth button on the toolbar. This will open a second menu where you can select the color you’d like to use.

You can also use the black highlight to create redacted text. To turn off the highlight, select the text again and pick the transparent strikethrough box on the color palette.

Sticky Note

Add a sticky note to your document with the next icon in the menu. Click on the sixth button and a second menu will open where you can select your color. Take your pick and then drag the note to your screen where you can then move it or write on it.


The final button in the Pop-up Menu allows you to leave an inline comment. Highlight the text and click the button. A box will pop up for you to write in.

You can also toggle all your comments on or off using the Right Toolbar. This will allow you to remove comments when you just want to focus on the words. You can also view comment history using the Right Toolbar.

Still need help? Here's a step-by-step tutorial showing Dabble's pop up menu:

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