Co-Authoring in Dabble

Work on a project with others using Dabble's Co-Authoring feature.

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Dabble makes it easy to work on a project with one or more authors in real-time. Changes made by any author are automatically synced to the cloud, and all authors working on the project will have access to all of their Dabble features.

Accessing Co-Authoring Settings

From the Project Screen, click on Project Settings in the Navigation Menu on the left.

From there, scroll down to the co-authoring settings.

Adding a Co-Author

To add a co-author to your Project, click on the Invite a Co-Author button in the co-authoring settings. A new box will appear below Invitations. Enter the email of the person you would like to add as a co-author and click the Invite button.

It’s important to note that the email you use to invite someone must be the email associated with their Dabble account.

Features Available to Co-Authors

Co-authors have full access to the features and functionality of their Dabble subscription. Users without a subscription will only be able to view the Project in a read-only mode.

Inviting co-authors in Dabble demo video:

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