What is Dabble?

How Dabble works, what it can do for your novel and what makes it different from other tools.

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Dabble helps you plot and plan your novel and write it with all your story’s notes close at hand. If you don’t plot in advance, Dabble helps after you’ve written your first draft, making it easy to plot afterwards and easy to edit your draft scene by scene.

What can I do with Dabble?

If you write novels, you can use Dabble to:

  • Plot your main story line alongside your subplots. Plan how each interweaving plot line and character arc interacts with the main story using Dabble’s Plot Grid.

  • Focus on writing your story. Skip tedious formatting setup and start writing with typewriter scrolling, auto-fade, and a beautiful writing interface. Learn about Dabble’s Focus Features.

  • Organize your manuscript. Work with each scene, chapter, and book independently, easily rearranging them. Dabble helps you keep it all organized.

  • Automatically sync and keep a backup. Relax knowing Dabble will store every change you make and back it up remotely. Sync is built-in and automatic.

  • Set and reach goals. Dabble helps you stay on track to reach your goals by tracking your progress to your word count goal with the number of words you need to hit each day.

All Dabble features are available for one low monthly price with a discount for paying yearly.

Who uses Dabble?

  • Plotters who plan out every aspect of their novel before writing a single word of their manuscript.

  • Pantsers who want an organized focused writing experience that will be easy to restructure in the editing phase of their manuscript.

  • Self-published authors who need additional help that seeing their plot at a birds-eye view provides.

  • Traditionally published authors who want a better way to organize their novels than Word, but find desktop tools like Scrivener too complex to learn.

What sets Dabble apart?

Unlike more complex or limited solutions, Dabble is simple to use with its powerful features. It is available in desktop apps as well as the web. Dabble just works.

Want to know more?

Learn all that Dabble has to offer at https://www.dabblewriter.com/.

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