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How to Split and Merge Scenes and Chapters
How to Split and Merge Scenes and Chapters

In Dabble, you can split and merge scenes and chapters, giving you more control over the organization of your manuscript.

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Splitting Scenes and Chapters

To split scenes and chapters, simply add a new line, then click on the plus symbol on the left of the page. You can then select either “Split chapter here” or “Split scene here”. You will then see a confirmation at the top of the page once it is complete:

Or if you split the chapter:

Merging Scenes and Chapters

From the Navigation Menu in the Left Pane, you can click the scene you want to merge, and then click the three dots options button next to it. Then click the option “Merge Scene”.

A window will open up asking you which scene you would like to merge with the current scene. Click “above” or “below” and it will merge the current scene with whatever scene is in the location you selected.

Be sure the scenes you want to merge are next to each other before attempting to merge them. If they are not directly above or below each other, simply drag one into place beside the other. Learn more about organizing your story here.

To merge a chapter, you have to move the scenes from one chapter to the other.

The chapter you moved the scenes out of will now be empty. Delete the empty chapter and the chapters will number themselves automatically. Learn more about chapter numbering here.

Want a step-by-step on splitting and merging? Click here:

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