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How To Install the Dabble Mobile App on an Apple Device
How To Install the Dabble Mobile App on an Apple Device

Take Dabble with you on-the-go with the new Mobile app.

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The Dabble Mobile App is an easy way to write during your commute, at the beach, sporting events, anywhere! Our app is a Progressive Web App or PWA, it’s accessed through your browser instead of the Apple store. 

Here’s a step-by-step walk-through for how to download, use, and love the Dabble app. 

1. Using Safari, go to Click the Share symbol at the bottom of your screen.

Pro Tip: Safari is the best browser for downloading the Dabble app. 

2. Scroll down past your apps, and click the “Add to Home Screen” option.

3. Rename the app if you’d like, then click “Add”.

4. Find the new app on your phone screen. 

5. Log in, and use the Dabble app as you would on your computer. You can access your projects, write text, add plot points, and more.

Pro Tip: You can even access light and dark preferences, change your settings, and access help docs from the app.

And that’s it! You’re now free to use the Dabble app to write on the road, and everywhere you go. Enjoy!

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